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Beach Pants

Look good on the beach this summer in beach pants, also known as board pants, kite pants, surf pants, or simply water pants.

Enjoy your beach pants for windsurfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, volleyball, travelling (they pack super light and small), and of course for swimming or hanging poolside. The cool design means there is no need to change before enjoying the nightlife after a good day on the beach. Just rinse and go.

Fabric Like Surf Shorts

Beach pants feel and fit like surf shorts, they are just longer. Full length water pants are usually made of super soft and durable microfiber (board short material), a stain resistant, quick drying fabric, same as for most surf shorts. The excellent breathing qualities remain when wet. The lightweight fabric does not reduce mobility.

Some water pants are more robust than regular shorts and should last longer, justifying the higher price. The better ones feature fast-drying fabric for optimal comfort on the beach or in the water. Most are made from 100% polyester with acrylic coating which is wind and water repellant. They protect you or your wetsuit.


Better beach pants have triple stitch side seams with two or four side pockets, velcro ankle closures and a drawcord at the waist. Side pockets are big enough for your wallet and keys.


There's no better way to ward off cabin chill on an airplane or stay warm at the beach once the sun goes down. These fast-drying brushed microfibre pants are the ideal travelling companion and will roll up nicely in your pack for wrinkle-free leg covering when you need it.

Beach Pants for Sun Protection

Beach pants with a hooded top provide optimal sun protection with good ventilation. Various pockets let you carry keys, money, waterproof camera, and such.

The quick drying fabric lets you wear this suit in the water and then dry out quickly in the warm breeze. If you get too hot, just take another dip or shower. You can wear it over swimwear or on its own. The soft fabric feels good on the skin, both wet or dry. This makes it the ideal warm weather outfit.

wet sun protection suit
wet sun protection suit

Beach Pants in Swimming Pools

Beach pants with matching T-shirt are versatile swimwear for your local pool or on holiday.

Pool operators prefer swimwear consistng of manmade fibres to keep the bacterial load down and protects their filters. Beach pants are often made of the same tough material as surf shorts, which is also fairly chlorine resistant.

Combined with a nylon shirt, beach pants make a comfortable modest swimsuit. It is also superb for swim training as it provides some drag resistance.

tee shirt in pool
tee shirt in pool

Before venturing outdoors, try your beach pants in the pool. Nothing is more annoying than your pants slipping or ripping because they don't fit well in the water.

Kite Pants

In hot weather you may find kite pants nice to keep the sun off your legs when you are out on or in the water the whole day. They keep you cool and prevent sunburn.

Kite pants make better swimmers, at least the pair shown in the picture. Actually, they almost serve as a liferaft for when you're down in the water. You can see in the photo how much air this particular pair could hold inside due to the baggy design.


Classic front lace closure
Drain pocket on the side
Fast-drying fabric
No lining

kite pants

windsurfing in beach pants

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